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The structure of the employment setting – law firm, corporation, government agency, association – will dictate the titles of its partners/ supervisors, associates/lawyers, employees and staff. We are interested particularly in the lawyer positions.

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In ten pages or fewer, please tell us why you believe that your employer/firm should be awarded the Constance L. Belfiore Quality of Life Award. Quality of a lawyer’s life is a very personal perception. Yet, to assist nominators, we have identified possible factors that contribute to quality of life. Please feel free to select and/or add factors that pertain to the quality of life in your workplace.

Some Quality of Life Factors

When lawyers are referenced, we are interested in responses related both to the partner/supervisor level and the associate/employee levels. The structure of the workplace – law firm, corporation, government agency, association, university, etc. – will dictate the relevant titles. We are interested particularly in the lawyer positions. Please note: No need to attach copies of policies

1. Professional/Personal Time Balance
What culture or work ethic assists lawyers to achieve a professional/personal balance? How does the Nominee subtly or overtly encourage attaining this balance?

2. Alternative Work Schedules and Family Leave
Do a meaningful number (and all genders) of lawyers take advantage of AWSs? Can an associate/lawyer employee advance to partner/supervisor, and continue working, while on such a schedule? Does family leave apply to both parents, and if so, how?

3. Billing (for firms/employers who measure productivity by hours worked)
Does the Nominee measure value primarily by hours worked (e.g., does the Nominee have a minimum billable hour target or requirement? If so, please indicate.) Does the Nominee give billable hour bonuses or merit bonuses? Has the Nominee developed alternative billing on a productivity basis other than hourly rates or billable hours?

4. Quality of Work
Do the lawyers positively perceive the quality of their work life? How does the Nominee know this? If a lawyer is not satisfied, can the lawyer change her/his area of practice? Is there sufficient technological, administrative and/or human resource support for the legal workforce?

5. Collegiality
How does the Nominee foster collegiality among and between partners/supervisors and associates/lawyer employees? Does everyone take advantage of these opportunities? How is credit given for client generation, retention and growth?

6. Diversity
How is diversity fostered and what efforts are made to make diverse workers comfortable?

7. Lawyer Development/Mentoring/Evaluation
Describe effective mentoring, career development, feedback and fair evaluation technique – for all levels in the workforce.
When do lawyers have client contact? In corporations, can legal employees be promoted into “line” positions?

8. Pro Bono
What percentage of lawyers handles pro bono work? Do pro bono hours get credited towards billable minimums? If not, or if billable hours don’t apply to your workplace, how does the Nominee encourage pro bono work?

9. Community and Bar Association
What percent of lawyers are active in local, state or national bar associations and/or community activities or organizations? Does this work get credited toward billable minimums? If not, or if billable hours don’t apply to your workplace, how does the Nominee encourage this work?

10. Retirement/Transition Options
Is there a mandatory retirement age? What meaningful and effective policies and/or programs have been instituted for succession planning and transition to retirement?

11. A Unique or Particularly Effective Program
Does the Nominee have a unique or particularly effective program that promotes quality of life?

12. Measurements of Success
What percentage of the workplace is affected by, or takes advantage of, the factors you list? How does the Nominee measure/determine lawyer satisfaction or the results of a particular policy or program?

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Please provide three lawyer testimonials (including women, men, and minorities, if possible, and at least one partner/supervisor and two associates/employees) that discuss personal experiences with quality of life. If you wish to provide another testimonial (including staff testimonials), please feel free to do so. These personalized letters really make your workplace come alive for our Committee.

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