The BADC’s “Lawyer of the Year” award was established in 1950 to honor a member of the legal profession who has distinguished him or herself in the practice of law in terms of intellectual excellence, uncompromising integrity and the advancement of access to justice for those outside the legal profession.

This year’s award will be given at our annual Gala on December 2, 2017.

Past Recipients

2016-2017 Katherine A. Mazzaferri
2015-2016 Lisa S. Blatt
2014-2015 Hon. Donald B. Verrilli, Jr.
2013-2014 Hon. William K. Suter
2012-2013 Hon. Paul D. Clement
2011-2012 Kathryn Ruemmler
2010-2011 Kenneth R. Feinberg
2009-2010 Channing D. Phillips
2008-2009 Carolyn B. Lamm
2007-2008 Captain Kevin J. Barry USCG-Ret.
2006-2007 Dwight D. Murray
2005-2006 Ken L. Wainstein
2004-2005 The Washington Lawyer Fred Fielding Jamie Gorelick
2003-2004 Charles L. Reischel
2002-2003 Suzanne V. Richards
2001-2002 Mark H. Touhey III
2000-2001 Robert L. Weinberg
1999-2000 Timothy J. May
1998-1999 E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr.
1997-1998 Hon. Eric H. Holder, Jr.
1996-1997 John Pickering
1995-1996 Charles F. C. Ruff
1994-1995 Herbert J. Miller Jr.
1993-1994 Marian Wright Edelman
1992-1993 Henry R. Berger
1991-1992 Jack H. Olender
1990-1991 John Jude O’Donnell
1989-1990 James J. Bierbower
1988-1989 Sidney S. Sachs
1987-1988 Thomas Searing Jackson
1986-1987 Wiley A. Branton
1985-1986 Hon. Catherine B. Kelly
1984-1985 Al Philip Kane
1983-1984 Bernard I. Nordlinger
1982-1983 Stanley S. Harry
1981-1982 Jacob A. Stein
1980-1981 Charles A. Horsky
1979-1980 William C. Gardner
1978-1979 Clark M. Clifford
1977-1978 J. Harry Welch
1976-1977 Earl W. Kintner
1975-1976 Charles S. Rhyne
1974-1975 Francis W. Hill
1973-1974 Frederick A. Ballard
1972-1973 Albert E. Brault
1971-1972 Paul R. Dean
1970-1971 Sturgis Warner
1969-1970 Newell Ellison
1968-1969 Richard W. Galiher
1967-1968 H. Mason Welch
1966-1967 Edward Bennett Williams
1965-1966 James C. Wilkes
1964-1965 Edmund D. Campbell
1963-1964 George E. C. Hayes
1962-1963 John J. Wilson
1961-1962 Milton King
1960-1961 Martin F. Donoghue
1959-1960 Edmund L. Jones
1958-1959 Alvin L. Newmyer
1957-1958 G. Bowdoin Craighill
1956-1957 Hugh Obear
1955-1956 Roger Whiteford
1954-1955 Paul B. Cromelin
1953-1954 Joseph McGarraghy
1952-1953 Leo A. Rover
1951-1952 William E. Leahy