The BADC is a voluntary bar, and thus a part of its mission is to take public advocacy positions on issues related to efforts “to improve the professional lives of its members by creating opportunities for professional, civic, and personal growth and camaraderie, to increase access to justice, and improve the administration of justice in the District of Columbia.” The BADC’s Committee on Judicial and Public Appointments (“JPAC”) which “[w]henever an appointment to any court or public office is under consideration,… may recommend to the Board, after such investigation, consultation, and solicitation of suggestions as may be appropriate, the names of persons who in the judgment of the JPAC are best qualified for the office.”; the JPAC also ensures that the BADC can speak publicly, through letters, testimony or reports, on issues of concern.

Any member of the BADC can recommend that the JPAC take up a proposed advocacy initiative; such proposals should be communicated, in writing, to the President. News about advocacy efforts will posted at this page of the BADC website.


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