The purpose of the Young Lawyers Section is to promote wider acquaintance among the young lawyers of the District of Columbia and to bring them together in professional and social activity; to foster discussion and interchange of ideas relative to the duties, responsibilities and problems of young lawyers; to aid and promote the advancement of young lawyers; to encourage the interest and participation of young lawyers in activities of the BADC, and to provide a means for young lawyers to collectively improve the administration of justice, serve their community in areas related to the law, and advance the community knowledge of the law.




  • Kalie E. Richardson
    Kalie E. Richardson Chair
  • Josephine M. Bahn
    Josephine M. Bahn Chair-Elect
    • Sunita S. Paknikar
      Sunita S. Paknikar Treasurer
    • Atticus S. Lee
      Atticus S. Lee Treasurer-Elect
      • Rachel E. Mueller
        Rachel E. Mueller Secretary
      • Scott S. Bernstein
        Scott S. Bernstein Immediate Past-Chair

      Board of Directors

      • Rachel A. Beck
        Rachel A. Beck
      • Michael F. Dearington
        Michael F. Dearington