Founded in 1871, the Bar Association of the District of Columbia (BADC) is one of the oldest bar associations in the nation.

The BADC and its members have a proud history of working closely with the judiciary, courts, the DC Council, and the US Congress on the administration of justice.

As DC’s voluntary bar it lobbies on behalf of its members, provides a reduced fee lawyer referral service, and mentors young lawyers.

This year marks the 148th year the BADC has promoted civility, justice, and collegiality among members of the legal profession in the capital through advocacy, education, and social events.


  • Allen P. Grunes
    Allen P. Grunes President
  • Dominic G. Vorv
    Dominic G. Vorv President-Elect
  • Catherine D. Bertram
    Catherine D. Bertram Treasurer
  • Andrew N. Cook
    Andrew N. Cook Treasurer-Elect
  • Mary R. Bram
    Mary R. Bram Secretary
  • Matthew G. Kaiser
    Matthew G. Kaiser Immediate Past-President
  • Erin M. Dunston
    Erin M. Dunston Past-President

Board of Directors

  • MaryEva Candon
    MaryEva Candon
  • Steven A. Cash
    Steven A. Cash
  • Kaylee A. Cox
    Kaylee A. Cox
  • Matthew L. Fedowitz
    Matthew L. Fedowitz
  • Kevin D. Judd
    Kevin D. Judd
  • Janelle R. Kuehnert
    Janelle R. Kuehnert
  • Karina Lubell
    Karina Lubell
  • Kel B. McClanahan
    Kel B. McClanahan
  • Matthew A. Nace
    Matthew A. Nace
  • Patricia A. Watters
    Patricia A. Watters


Download the current BADC Bylaws: