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5 days and 4 nights Tour of “People to People” in Cuba exploring legal structures and cultures.


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The BADC has a long tradition of traveling for Annual Conventions since 1966 to Atlantic City until 2012 to South Africa, where we met with members of the Cape Town Bar Association and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission established by Nelson Mendela. In 2019 we re-established our Annual Conventions and traveled to Havana, Cuba, gaining exposure to their legal processes while experiencing the wonderful people of the island, cigars, vintage American cars, rum and rumba.

If interested in the BADC’s Annual Convention 2020, please complete the form below. Plans aren’t completed yet, but your interest puts you on a list to receive info the minute we have it.


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Past Conventions

2019 Cuba
2012 South Africa
2011 Paris
2010 Homestead Resort, Va.
2009 Mediterranean Cruise
2008 Argentina
2007 Cruise (Eastern Caribbean)
2006 Cruise (Eastern Caribbean)
2005 Vienna/Prague
2004 Sicily/Malta
2003 Western Rockies
2002 Las Vegas
2001 Portugal
2000 Caribbean Cruise
1999 Ireland
1998 Cruise
1997 Curacao
1996 SS Norway
1995 London
1994 St Thomas – Cancelled
1993 Bermuda
1992 Nassau
1991 Rome – Cancelled
1990 Key West
1989 Ireland

1988 Bermuda
1987 Barbados
1986 St Maarten
1985 Bahamas
1984 Ireland
1983 Bermuda
1982 Paradise Island
1981 Disney World
1980 Colorado Springs – Cancelled
1979 Acapulco/Mex City
1978 York, England
1977 Ireland – England
1976 Puerto Rico
1975 Rio
1974 Spain
1973 Homestead, VA
1972 Runaway Bay, Jamaica
1971 Greenbrier
1970 Paradise Island, Nassau
1969 Bermuda
1968 Freeport, Bahamas
1967 Atlantic City
1966 Atlantic City