Founded in 1956 as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, the Foundation of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia supports research and educational programs relating to the administration of justice and makes grants to legal services and other like minded entities in the District of Columbia with special emphasis on the needs of children and families.

Projects and organizations which have received Foundation support in the past include:

  1. Operation Crackdown, a project of the BADC Young Lawyers Section to close down “crack houses” through civil nuisance laws and, where feasible, make the properties available for community purposes.
  2. The Zacchaeus Legal Clinic, which provides legal services for indigent and ill DC residents.
  3. Superior Court Law Day Essay Competition for DC high school students. Winning students are presented with prizes provided by the Foundation at the Law Day ceremony held at DC Superior Court.
  4. National Capital Lawyers Auxiliary Law Day Essay Competition for DC elementary school students. Winning students are present with prizes provided by the Foundation at the Law Day ceremony held at the US Supreme Court.
  5. The Neglect and Delinquency Practice Institute, which provides CLE training for attorneys representing children caught in child abuse and neglect.
  6. Street Law, Inc., which provides scholarships to enable DC students to study day to day legal problems by attending DC Street Law Camp.
  7. The Henry R. Berger Memorial Scholarship Fund, in memory of an outstanding DC trial lawyer, which provides a prize for the presentation to a graduating student at George Washington University Law School who has excelled in the study of tort law.
  8. The James C. Eastman Scholarship Fund for students at the Washington School of Law of American University.
  9. The Archdiocesan Legal Network, the pro bono legal services program of the Catholic Archdiocese.
  10. The Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Center (“CARECEN”)
  11. The DC Law Students in Courts Program, Inc., which trains and supervises law students from the Washington area law schools to represent the indigent in DC Superior Court.
  12. Lawyers for Children America and The Children’s Law Centers, of which finds practicing attorneys to represent children and children’s interests in court pro bono, and one which has attorneys on staff doing the same.
  13. The Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, founded by The BADC in 1934, the oldest legal services provider in DC.
  14. Neighborhood Legal Services Program of DC, a federal poverty law program founded in 1974.
  15. The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless.

Looking to Donate?

The Foundation is supported primarily by contributions of members of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia.

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Board of Directors

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    Keith W. Watters President
  • James G. Flood
    James G. Flood Secretary
  • Christopher G. Hoge
    Christopher G. Hoge Treasurer
  • Ralph P. Albrecht
    Ralph P. Albrecht Trustee
  • Hon. Diane M. Brenneman
    Hon. Diane M. Brenneman Trustee
  • Paulette E. Chapman
    Paulette E. Chapman Trustee
  • Shirley Ann Higuchi
    Shirley Ann Higuchi Trustee
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    Clifton E. McCann Trustee
  • Hon. William W. Nooter
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    Gregory S. Smith Trustee
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    Robert L. Weinberg Trustee