Matthew G. Kaiser Inducted 130th BADC President
Allen P. Grunes Elected BADC President-Elect
BADC Officers/Board, IPS Officers/Board, YLS Officers/Board, BADC Foundation Trustee Elected

Washington, DC – At its 146th Annual Luncheon on June 6th at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, the Bar Association of the District of Columbia inducted its 2017-2018 Board.

Chief Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals performed the inductions. BADC President Erin M. Dunston presided until the installation of new Officers and Directors.

Matthew G. Kaiser, a partner at Kaiser Dillon PLLC, was installed as the 130th President of the BADC.

Allen P. Grunes was also installed as President-Elect of the BADC. Allen is the co-founder of the Konkurrenz Group. He is a past Treasurer of the BADC.

Other BADC Officers/Directors, IPS Officers/Board, YLS Officers/Board and Foundation Trustees who were inducted include:

BADC Treasurer
Celina W. Stewart
BADC Treasurer-Elect
Catherine D. Bertram
BADC Secretary
Maura M. Logan
BADC Directors
Steven A. Cash
Carrie F. Cordero
Matthew L. Fedowitz
Kevin D. Judd
Janelle R. Kuehnert
Patricia A. Watters

BADC Intellectual Property Section
Mary R. Bram
Laura K. Pitts
Mythili Markowski
Shannon M. Lentz
Vincent J. Galluzzo
Kimberly E. Coghill
Board Members
Jennifer H. Burdman
Christopher M. Cherry
Michael K. Heins
David W. Leibovitch

BADC Young Lawyers Section
Scott S. Bernstein
Kalie E. Richardson
Jennifer M. Rimm
Daniel W. J. Becker
Sunita S. Paknikar
Board Members
Rachel A. Beck
David G. Beraka
Deborah E. Birnbaum
Michael F. Dearington

BADC Foundation Trustee
Gregory S. Smith

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