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The Bar Association of the District of Columbia (BADC) provides a reduced fee Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) to the community and as a service to our members.  The LRS connects people in the community to experienced attorneys by practice area easily and quickly.

To get started simply fill out this quick survey to get matched with a lawyer who specializes in your subject matter.

Once the survey is completed, the system collects a $39.95 referral fee and sends an email or text message to your potential attorney. The assigned attorney will review the information and reach out to you.

This is a paid referral service. Individuals pay standard attorney rates once a referral is accepted. For pro bono or free legal services please contact your local Legal Aid Society.

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Does the BADC Lawyer Referral Service offer pro bono legal services?
No, the BADC LRS system is a paid service and does not offer pro bono (free) legal advice or representation. Individuals interested in getting a qualified attorney to assist them in a legal matter must pay a $39.95 fee in order to be paired with an attorney. If you are in need of pro bono legal services please contact your local legal aid.

Where can I find pro bono legal services?
If you are seeking pro bono assistance please contact the DC Bar’s Pro Bono Legal Clinic and/or click on the links provided below:

Can I get legal advice or representation prior to paying for a referral?
No, the BADC is a non profit organization and does not provide legal advice or representation. Instead we offer the community a referral service which pairs qualified attorneys with individuals needing legal advice or representation.

What if I need to pay my attorney on contingency?
A contingency case is one where the attorney only recovers if their client is awarded monetary compensation (e.g. personal injury cases). Not all cases are eligible for a contingency and thus require a retainer or advance payment to cover legal costs. You should ask the fee structure during the 30-minute consultation after being assigned a referred attorney.

Can I get a list of attorneys who handle my type of claim?
We do not offer a list of our attorneys, but encourage individuals to search the internet or the local bar association if they would prefer a list of area attorneys who handle their type of claim.

Does the BADC have attorneys on-site to handle questions or client interviews?
No, the BADC does not have LRS attorneys on staff or in the office to answer questions. The LRS is a referral program that can be done online at any time or via phone during normal business hours.

How soon will an attorney contact me after I sign up?
Attorneys are obligated to respond within 48 hours after receiving a referral and most respond much sooner than that. However, individuals are responsible for reaching out to the attorney initially via email or phone to set up their 30-minute consultation.

Do I get a refund if an attorney does not take my case?
The $39.95 fee covers the 30-minute consultation with a qualified attorney. In rare cases, your referral may be re-assigned to another attorney if there is another attorney available to assist you. However, there is no refund if the individual receives the 30-minute consultation.

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at: lrs @