The Litigation Committee is dedicated to maximizing the level of advocacy provided by members of the private bar in every judicial venue in the region.  Members of the Litigation Committee appear routinely in local circuit courts, the D.C. Superior Court, the federal district and appellate courts, and the Supreme Court of the United States.  The Litigation Committee serves to bring together practitioners, judges, and jurists through substantive programming and informal social events to foster a sense of community among litigators, provide opportunities for mentorship of young attorneys, and enhance the practice of law.



  • Chantale Fiebig
    Chantale Fiebig Chair
  • Jonathan Phillips
    Jonathan Phillips
  • Kevin Barber
    Kevin Barber
  • Maura M. Logan
    Maura M. Logan
  • Natalie Fleming Nolen
    Natalie Fleming Nolen
  • Asad Kudiya
    Asad Kudiya
  • Allyson Baker
    Allyson Baker